January 3, 2018 In Blog, Producers

What Happens When Your Band Breaks Up?: Why You Need a Band Agreement and Major Issues to Address

Artists do not like discussing contracts, period, and one of the harder ones to address is the band member contract because it can feel like it acknowledges a certain level of distrust or at least…

December 1, 2017 In Blog, Producers

Can You Trademark a Hashtag?

Recently, hashtags have become important tools for driving online interaction between entertainers and consumers on social media. The law is still being developed in this area, but the increased use of hashtags has nevertheless gotten…

October 18, 2017 In Blog, Producers

How to Start a Record Label 101 (Part 1)

These days, the barriers to entry for starting a record label are practically nothing. Many labels have been formed by someone saying “Ok, I have a record label.” Ultimately, signing up for Soundcloud and creating…

February 23, 2017 In Blog, Producers

Stop Playing Devil’s Advocate

Think about it…when someone in your group, social or professional, brings up an innovative idea, or reveals that they’re starting a new project, how do you typically respond? Do you typically encourage them, or are you the one…