October 26, 2022 In Blog, Producers

Know This Before Hiring Someone to Make an Album Cover

By Daniel Hernandez When hiring someone to design an album cover art, having the designer sign an agreement stating that the artwork is a “work-for-hire” could save a ton of time and money. A piece of artwork being…

July 6, 2022 In Blog, Producers

Why Register The Copyright To Your Song or Beat

The value of music has steadily been increasing over the last decade. However, registering the Copyright to a song or beat is one of the most underappreciated ways of protecting an artist’s or producer’s assets. Of course, the logic makes sense, but it seems that far fewer people understand WHAT EXACTLY registering the Copyright to your music ACTUALLY does for you.

July 31, 2017 In Blog, Producers

IP Clearance in Motion Pictures, Videos and Other Audio-Visual Works

The film industry has expanded well beyond traditional studios, as modern technology provides anyone with a phone, the ability to shoot and post videos online for online public consumption. At the same time, new financing…