Music Law

We know that contracts can be complex and overwhelming. In the constantly evolving music industry, we provide clear legal advice to clients and help them negotiate the best terms possible. Our clients include artists, producers, artist managers, independent record labels, songwriters, live event producers, merchandise companies, and more.


  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating agreements
    • Endorsement and sponsorship contracts
    • Synch licensing agreements
    • Live performance contracts
    • Recording and distribution agreements
    • Music publishing agreements
    • Producer agreements
    • Artist Management agreements
    • Photography releases
    • Endorsement agreements
    • Songwriter and band agreements
    • Endorsement agreements
    • Digital recordings issues
    • Merchandise agreements
    • Songwriter collaboration agreements
    • Sample clearances
    • Promoter and publicist agreements
    • Concert sponsorship agreements
    • Vendor agreements
    • Composer agreements

  • Concert, touring and merchandising issues
  • Music clearance/licensing for film, TV, video games, etc
  • Dispute resolution