October 19, 2022 In Blog, Producers

Why Trademarking Someone Else’s Nickname or Popular Catchphrase Is a Bad Idea

By Daniel Cruz Hernandez and Adam Freedman Recently, it has become common for people to think it’s a good idea to Trademark a celebrity’s name or famous phrase, to capitalize on its mainstream appeal and sell merchandise, or…

December 1, 2017 In Blog, Producers

Can You Trademark a Hashtag?

Recently, hashtags have become important tools for driving online interaction between entertainers and consumers on social media. The law is still being developed in this area, but the increased use of hashtags has nevertheless gotten…

July 31, 2017 In Blog, Producers

IP Clearance in Motion Pictures, Videos and Other Audio-Visual Works

The film industry has expanded well beyond traditional studios, as modern technology provides anyone with a phone, the ability to shoot and post videos online for online public consumption. At the same time, new financing…

July 7, 2017 In Blog, Producers

How Artists Can Protect Their Stage Name

Musical artists’ stage names or band names often end up as one of their most valuable assets, and the last thing an artist wants is to be forced to change his or her name just…